Corona Virus Update

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all well and coping with the situation we find ourselves in. This weekend would have been our first weekend at dancing after the Easter break. We would have been practicing the routines and getting ready for the summer displays

Your children are very well equipped to practice at home; for ballet they all know the excercises both on the barre and centre practice. If they would like to practice their Tap skills please make sure this is done on a wooden board – using Tap shoes outside really damages them.

Some top tips for Tap are all the shuffles, hop-down and ball-changes. Don’t worry, your children know what they are. Maybe they could teach you some Tap steps :-). For the older children, Time Steps and Maxi Ford have excellent tutorials on Youtube.

If anyone would like me to provide anything specific for their child, please email me and I will happily do so.

Teaching your children is a privilege and I look forwards to being able to do just that as soon as we are given the go ahead.

Until then, please keep in touch.